The Optimizing Implementation in Cancer Control (OPTICC) Center is one of seven  National Cancer Institute Implementation Science Centers in Cancer Control (ISC3), and is located in Seattle, Washington. The OPTICC Center was created to support optimized implementation of evidence-based medicine in clinical and community settings for a wide range of cancers across the cancer care continuum and is a strategic partnership between The University of Washington (UW), Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI), and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center (FHCRC).


Improve cancer outcomes by supporting optimized implementation of evidence-based interventions in cancer control.


Develop, test, and refine innovative methods for optimizing implementation of evidence-based interventions.


A center can have greater impact and efficiency through fostering multiple synergistic studies that share resources.

Focused on innovation and impact

We are shifting the implementation paradigm from the current practice of deploying strategies based on their general effectiveness, to one that supports the precise targeting of high-priority barriers with optimized strategies.

Improved methods for identifying and prioritizing barriers
Refined methods for matching implementation strategies to barriers
Optimized strategies ready for large-scale evaluation and use

The OPTICC Center aims to:

Develop a research program that supports development, testing, and refinement of innovative, efficient, and economical methods for optimizing evidence-based intervention implementation in cancer control.

Support a diverse implementation laboratory of clinical and community partners to conduct rapid, “in clinic” implementation studies anywhere along the cancer care continuum for a wide range of cancers.

Build implementation science capacity in cancer control by training new investigators, engaging established investigators in cancer-focused implementation science, and contributing to the ISC3.

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Collaborating Institutions

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Center Funding

The OPTICC Center is funded by the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, through award  1P50CA244432.